To The Next Person My Best Friend Shares Her Heart With,

Subject: To The Next Person My Best Friend Shares Her Heart With,
From: Her Friend
Date: 13 Jun 2017

To the next person that holds my best friends heart,

Be careful with it, please. She's sensitive, but not sensitive in the way she'll be upset if you choose to hang out with your guy friends one Saturday night instead of hanging out with her. She's sensitive like waves in the ocean, when there's a hurricane out at sea. Subtle, but different. She's sensitive with feelings, with trusting people, with letting someone in because it's been a pattern for her to get comfortable with someone and then have them walk out.

Be patient with her. Teenage years are never easy for anyone. For some they're especially difficult, for others there are only a few bumps in the road. She hasn't had it easy. She's learned to not rely on anybody but herself. So when you offer to pay for dinner and she snaps and says she's got it, let it go. When you don't hear from her all day, it's not because she's ignoring you. It's because she's gotten accustomed to living for herself and not answering to anyone. She'll get back to you eventually, I promise.

She's still learning. She's growing up every day, as are you. She's learning how to become herself and establish herself without relying on anybody else. Maybe she hasn't mastered how to do that while maintaining a healthy relationship, but she'll get there. Don't give up on her.
She's lived her whole life so far putting everyone before herself. She's finally in a place where she's attempting to put herself and her feelings first. You may not agree with the choices she makes, but she's learning. Be there for her for the stupid, asinine decisions she makes and help her pick herself up from them. She'll slowly begin to trust you and soon she'll begin to count on you.

Don't give up on her. She's not an easy going, care free girl like she pretends to be. She's been through a lot, but believe me she's worth it. She's worth every down moment, because for every down moment, there's an even better up. Don't give up on her. Not because I don't want to be there to pick up the pieces anymore, because I will always be there to help her through even the tiniest of problems. Don't give up on her, because she has the biggest heart and the upmost amount of love to give, if you let her.