Need a Wedding Shower Idea for the Bride?

Subject: Need a Wedding Shower Idea for the Bride?
Date: 16 Sep 2019

As we all know wedding showers can be very stressful to plan for. You want them to be as fun and entertaining for all to remember years down the road. Well if you are trying to plan a bridal shower for a friend or family member, why not be unique and let all have fun including the men. Most bridal showers I have been to were very nice, but all we did was just sit around and eat and open up gifts. So to make it more interesting a little creativity in your mind and include all. Heres an idea for that bridal shower I have for you. I came about this idea, because of one of my hubby's friends are getting married, and I needed to think of something different for the brides' shower, to tell hubby's friends fiances friend that's planning the shower.

First, you want to create that bridal invitation and make it as creative as you can. You need to decide what type of theme you want to have. If you are gonna include everyone then I think a coed poker tournament would be really neat. Think of a title for the invitation like 'It doesn't get better than this" or maybe a "shower you will always remember". Then you can have some poker chips on the front of the card, and to be really creative and different you can have like five cards on the front like a ten of hearts, jack of hearts, ace of hearts, and a queen of hearts with the brides face on it, and hubby to face on the king card. This is very neat looking, and it will be a definite huge hit with all your family and friends. OK now you need the saying you want to place on the other side of the invitation. How about this:

Come join us in celebrating so and so's big day

As we do it in a most untraditional way

We all know that so and so's an atypical bride

Her loathing at showers she surely can't hide

We wanted to throw her a party she's come to

So we got rid of bows, flowers, and "fru fru"

We decided to include her hubby to be in the fun

After all, why can't showers include everyone?

So forget all the showers to which you've recently went

Come to so and so's coed poker tournament

Yes, that's right, It's coed the guys are invited

After all, we wouldn't want anyone slighted

So come to what's sure to be a shower to remember