To my we almost made it

Subject: To my we almost made it
Date: 24 Oct 2016

Hi babe, my bestfriend and and my king... This is for you.
Dont worry I didnt do this letter to bring you back or to make you love me back.
yes, I already moved on it was about 2years since we broke up, or let me say since you left me without any words.
its just that theres this time that I cant help but to reminisce does moment with you it was and i cant help but cry and smile at the same time it was soo priceless.
And remember does sweet long messages we have for each other almost everyday ? its soo gay for you to do that but you do it anyway. And i find it soo sweet :)
remember does late night talked? those dreams we shared.. I still remember our dreams our future wedding, future kids, and everything.
And remember those I love you fights? I WIN! and until now Im winning. Because until now i still love you. But dont get me wrong I wont stole you from her or to beg you to come back to me. I wouldnt do that. our love went smooth but ended up being one sided love.
you have me but i cant have you. You make me soo happy, but Im not sure If can make you happy. I miss does times when you act as my bestfriend just to make me laugh especially when im in the midst of my depression.
I never really want anybody but you,
we almost made it, we almost made our dreams come true.
but almost is never enough, I just wanted to tell you that I already forgiven everything, Im not sure if im happy for you because seeing you with another girl breaks my heart. But seeing you smile because of her somewhat makes me think that maybe she's the one and not me. It was soo painful but i cant do anything about that, you cant force someone to love you back it wasnt that easy.
sometimes I still whisper your name to check if it still hurt the same just by hearing your name.
And my babe thank you for being a part of my life and making it wonderful. We might walk different paths now but I will always look back where I met you. I guess, I will be happy for whats going on now. I have my friends and they never leave my side.
ill treasure everything we shared.
Im hoping to find my the one sooner.
but being inlove to memories we have shared.
is enough for me right now.
I wanted to cross path with you again, but by that time I hoped theres no butterflies inside my tummy anymore.
soo, that's it.
you keep rockin the free world my Dear :*
I wont say goodbye cause its not yet the end; it is better to say
See you again Mr.My almost we made.