To my toxic boss and team,

Subject: To my toxic boss and team,
From: VERY unhappy and stressed individual
Date: 28 Dec 2017

It really took me a lot to not write this letter, but I really felt like I had no other choice. I am extremely unhappy with my manager and co-workers (well, just one). I love helping others and really take pride in my work so this is coming from a place of anger and stress.
I get along with everyone on my team except one person. It's not even that I don't get along with him, he just never does his work and EVERYONE has excuses for him, which I am SO done with. I am constantly getting the short end of the stick and having to make up the work that he cannot get done. There's about a 19 year age difference between us, and I totally suspect he's an alcoholic because of his stories and the way he constantly smells.
I've told my boss numerous times that I am insanely unhappy and nothing ever changes. Just empty promises that are never followed up with, I am done. I can't contact Human Resources because my boss is literally friends with everyone and I know it'll get back to me even though it's supposed to remain anonymous(what a joke). I really just needed to write out how I feel as I'm sure my boyfriend and family are sick of me crying and complaining about how I hate my job. I am currently actively looking and pray that I hear back soon as my health is declining because of the amount of stress I am under from just TWO people!

If everyone could say a prayer for me or just send some positive vibes my way, I would truly appreciate it.