My Story Part 1

Subject: My Story Part 1
From: The Other Woman
Date: 25 Aug 2018

I was a patient of a physical therapy clinic in February 6 years ago. I went for treatment 2-3 days a week for 2 months. With small talks, I learned about the therapist's family , wife and kids. I felt a strong attraction and I could tell he felt the same. One day during my treatment, he took my hand to help me up and gave me a hug. I felt the closeness while he held me for at least more than 2 minutes. Long enough for me to have my face touch his neck to smell his scent. I was a hug that I didn't expect. I was surprised and left the room sort of in a rush. I didn't go back for treatment purposely until the following week, which would be my last treatment. This time, I gave him a peck on his lips after my treatment. He hugged me and picked me off my feet.

He reached out to me about a month after my last treatment to remind me that I had one more visit left. I had told him I thought I was finished and that I felt better. He said ok and to call if I needed anything.

Around September of the same year, I received an email from him letting me know about a yoga instructor that does classes with a cleanse. He wrote "naturally i thought of you". I was flattered he thought of me and excited to write back. He wrote back and said come by anytime and that he would love to see me. I visited towards the end of September and he took me to one of his treatment rooms. As soon as he closed the door, we kissed. Passionately.