To my soulmate V.M.R.

Subject: To my soulmate V.M.R.
From: JR-AJ
Date: 7 Feb 2018
Open Letter to my soulmate V.M.R.

I have never done an open letter before, where do I begin? As I type this I realize there is no special occasion for this letter, not an anniversary, not your birthday, not Christmas, nor New Year celebration. Just a regular day of the week and as usual you're on my mind. The only thing special is how I feel about you every day from the moment I wake up and until I go to bed, I think about you all the time. I wish I could spend every minute of the day and night with you.

I decided to write this open letter to you because I want you to know how much you mean to me, how much I appreciate you being part of my life, and how much I love you. I didn't think that I would ever find someone I love as much as I love you, someone I cherish, someone I love completely, and someone I don't want to change a single thing about you, someone so perfect for me.

So, thank you for being such an awesome friend, and for having such a kind heart towards everyone around you. Thank you for always being honest, kind, and loyal with me, and for pushing me to be a better man. Thank you for weathering the storm when things got difficult. Thank you for being here today and part of my life. I may not mention these things to you often enough, but they do not go unnoticed. Lastly, thank you for your continued faith in me.

You give so much to everyone around you with a smile on your face, yet receive so little in return. I want to change that. You deserve to be happy, and I am dedicating myself today to making you happy and supporting you in every way I possibly can. From now on, I am in your corner 100% and I will never take you for granted, this is my pledge to you today.

You are an amazing woman and I love you very much.

Dedicated to V.M.R.