To my sons father.

Subject: To my sons father.
From: Your baby momma.
Date: 14 Dec 2015

Good morning Dennis now that I am aware of your intent to ignore me and your son I would like to clarify some things with you.
Wether you choose to acknowledge us or not will not change the facts. The facts are I met you at a George Lopez performance in March 2012. Shortly after meeting me you expressed interest in having a relationship with me.
Our first hangout we planned to go ziplining but we got a late start and had to reschedule. I remember we sat on the rocks at Oluwalu. It was so sweet you seemed like such a pleasant fellow and I was smitten. As we got to know each other better I expressed my desire to have a child and after many many many conversations me and you were on the same page and began having sex well without contraception in hopes of creating a life. It was very soon after that we found ourselves pregnant. You were so excited and we spoke on everything like how our son or daughter might look to what we planned to name he or she. After finding out we were having a son you were even more excited. When I saw my auntie Em the other day she reminded me how thrilled you were to be expecting a son, and that you must be on drugs or something of that sort to now be behaving this way.
You see Dennis although we are no longer in a bf/gf sexual relationship you and I were together for some time and my circle of friends and family all know you because I unconditionally opened my heart, my life, my everything to you believing all along that you were going to be an amazing life companion and father. Obviously something has changed and you feel diffrently but facts are facts and there is absolutely no logical reason/reasons for a father to abandon his son. You can choose to live your lies but the truth will always be revealed like it or not. I have so much to say and I have so many questions like what did our son ever do to deserve this kind of treatment from his father, it is heartbreaking it makes me cry tears of disappointment.
I am a mom and our son will always be my number one focus. Whatever you are choosing over your son is not worth it. As a parent our priorities change.You only flatter yourself to imply that I think we are "in a relationship" and that we "must have limits" I allowed you to come and go as you please because I was hoping that maybe you just needed time to man up to your responsibilities. I do not and will never find a man attractive who chooses to disown, neglect and or abonded his child.
That is not a characteristic that any female looks for in a friend, lover or spouse. I am not sure I have said all that needs to be said but I do feel I needed to clarify with you the importance of putting our child first above all else!