To my Santa

Subject: To my Santa
Date: 19 Mar 2019

Our meeting is just a normal one. A hi and hello is enough for our everday encounter. Until the day that we click and seems to have the same persona. Months passed and friendship was built. Never a dull moment, only laughters can be heard. Until the day we decided to open up to each other. The fun talk goes to a serious mode when we climb the hill. In its cold weather and cigar, we loosen up until we finally took out our burdens. It was nice to have someone who will not judge you after the story was told.
Days passed and we decided to face our poisons. It is such a bumpy road but we had each other as a support system. Weeks passed and everything went normal again. Fixinf our own poison and decided to move back to the life we once gave us heartaches. Never thought that this day will come, that I will be hurt knowing that you are ok and will be leaving soon. Yes, i knew the plan but it is just now that i realized that I fell in love to the santa that once just a normal friend. It maybe because we share the same insights and we are on the same ground. But i know that this is not the right path. This should not continue. This should end right now. Maybe stepping back from all your hugs will make a difference. It might hurt but i know this is the right thing. I wish you happiness for the second chance you gave to the person who love you. May you become a better person again aftet being broken. Goodbye and thank you for being the santa of life.