My Perception in Love

Subject: My Perception in Love
Date: 13 Aug 2018

I am a type of person who treasure every moment in terms of love. I have a vast imaginations with romance. I can say I can be a romantic one cause I have my own way of expressing love to someone. Love for me is very important that every actions you show to the person is an actions to treasure forever. Love compliments with trust and respect, love is an antonym of hate and it means that when you love you are ready to be hurt not now but soon. All you have to do is to be ready in all forms. I may sound bitter but this how love works, you just need to be ready when the time comes when you are be hurt but for now, you have to enjoy, to cherish every moment that you spent with the person you are inlove with right now. love him/her as if it is the last day that you have each other let him/her feel that you are in love to her/him every moment.

I am person that treasure first holding hands, first kiss and everything that is first. I treasure it because I wanted to give it to someone who really deserves it, whom I am in love with, to the person that I can spend my life with and to treasure what I can offer which is love. I don't just give away my hands to some or even my very first kiss. I don't just give it cause I really do treasure it a lot, I guess it is because also the customs that we have in our home that this sweet actions are worth it to be given to some whom you really love so much. My parents thought how treasure sweet actions and how to love sincerely with respect and full of trust. Love is something that you have to live in our everyday lives. And to the man I love, my love for you will always be the sweetest thing that you have ever had.