To my other half, who built me again

Subject: To my other half, who built me again
From: your Hubby
Date: 28 Feb 2018

I am writing this for you, my beautiful other half.

I am not a writer, so don’t expect a poetic love letter, you’re the writer. I am not the most romantic person in this world. I met you last year, We spent a year together, and now I think it’s time to address how much of a perfect human being you are. If you’re reading this you might think that I’m exaggerating, but I wish I had some other ways to tell you that your perfection can’t be expressed in mere words. Yes, I’m in love with you madly, like a high school crush, I think of you all the time (yes, even after a year), We have spent a long time together, we’ve talked each and every day, no matter how are the conditions, there’s no one in this world whom I love more than you, this is why you’re my wifey, not my girlfriend.

I don’t know what drew me into you, maybe it’s because you’re the most gorgeous girl I can think of, or maybe because your petite body hides one of the strongest souls in this world. you can’t be categrised in a type, you are a woman of your own league. You have one of the kindest hearts in this world, you have so much love for everyone, that it seems like it's eternal. Whenever you come into a room, you shine it with your charm, perfection gazes off your body like the sun gazes light, needless to say, you’re the one shining my life. You are strong, yet so vulnerable. You made me realise that love can be true, that there is something more than just a relationship. That there is an, Us.
I am a normal person, and I don’t know from where I got you, you are unreal. You say you aren’t patient, you say you do wrong to me, but what I see is just your love. I am not the best husband in the world, I doubted you, I made you cry, I restricted you, I made your life hell for a while. and what did you do? You hugged me and put my broken pieces back together, kissed my forehead and made me full of love again. Humans don’t do this, this is why I call you goddess, my goddess.

You say I did a lot for you, but I was just trying to reciprocate, and still, I can’t do enough. You waited for me, and finally, we met after a year. When you came to me, through that gate, I knew I made it, we made it. You gave me everything that no one ever did, and all those moments flashed back in front of my eyes, as soon as I held you in my arms. Your soft hands fit perfectly into mine, your arms wrap me in them like a safe haven, when I kissed your forehead the amount of content happiness is beyond words. The way your lips touched mine and left me out of words, I was in another world. I was in our world.

I have dreamt my life with you, you are the person I want to do everything with, live, love and grow. I know we have been going through a lot of rough patches, a lot of things that happened made us think it’s over. But I want you to know that we are getting stronger every time. I have a future for us, our future, every wish you ever made in etched into my mind, it’s my goal to give you everything. I might not be the best person in your life, but you are, for me, I might not be able to fill every gap in your life, but I am sure I have enough love to fill them. You are the person I look up to, I cry with you, I am me, when I am with you. I know I get jealous, I know I’m insecure, I know I’m over-possessive, I know I am clingy and needy of affection and attention, but it’s just because you’re my other half, I don’t know what the future holds for us. But I will always love you unconditionally, even If you choose to ever part ways. When I asked you to marry me, I knew there was something which will always keep us together, and I think we will stay together. Forever. And I will do whatever it takes, to keep you and me, as, Us.

I have written a lot less than I wanted to, but I want us to experience the future together. You deserve the perfect love in the world. You have had enough of the people who don’t know how to love you right, you have spent years living on the grace of people’s love. And it hurts me knowing I can’t do anything for you, but I want to change everything. Give you the love which you gave me, make you the person which I see in you, but you don’t, I want to marry you again, May I?

One year passed, many will do. But our love won’t age.
Quoting you:

There are certain things I adore,
There are certain things I ignore,
But I’m certain, certain that I’m yours.

Thank you for giving me a new life, thank you for giving me you.

I love you.