To My Online Guy

Subject: To My Online Guy
Date: 3 Mar 2019

Dear online guy,

The day that I was on that dating app and saw your photo was the day a spell was cast. We began to text and I started to believe that something magical was about to happen.

The first night that you stood me up should have been it. However, hope springs eternal and I refused to let go. Deep inside though, I knew. I realized that something about your story was not adding up and you misrepresented yourself online. However, my fantasy of what could be was strong and I carried on.

That day that it happened again was so painful that it was hard to breathe. I felt so ashamed of myself for trusting when I knew the truth inside. Still didn't let go though...

Everyone can think that I am insane for not letting go. The fact is, you are a human being whose fingers are typing words. You were searching for something. It leads me to believe that life has let you down in a such a way that you have to pretend to be someone else. You are searching for connection and you found it with me. You are always there for me when others are not. It may only be words through text, or an occasional phone call, but you are there. We have our secrets that only exist in a cyber world. We are in an alternate realm, hiding behind screens. However, it brings me comfort to know that you are out there somewhere. You are my online boyfriend. Will we ever meet in person? Will our worlds collide? I don't know...but thank you for being there for me. I'm only just a text away.