To my lovely sister

Subject: To my lovely sister
From: your elder sister
Date: 13 Sep 2015

Dear You,
Clearly you have moved on with your life- GOOD ON YOU. I do somehow thank you from the events that has happened between us. I learned to be stronger, to have faith for myself, and learn to cut thru BS. I know that it is impossible to cut ties with you due to the nature of what we are. However I do hope though that we don’t have to cross paths anymore- not in this life time or even EVER.
I can never look at your face with a straight face anymore as I know all the lies and the BS you have shown and you’ve told me. So yeah you can keep your POSSE, as apparently they just adore you for being a LIAR – as you are just like them. So congratulations in your new life, please just do not bother me anymore.

I do hope if there is such a thing like emancipate between sister. basically what im saying is you are dead to me. and hopefully i dnt ever see you again or even not acknowledge you as my sister anymore. you love strangers than your family right? so yea you can have all the people in the world. I dont want to have you in my life.

so thank you and f---- off