To my long distance bestfriend

Subject: To my long distance bestfriend
From: The friend that misses you dearly
Date: 19 Apr 2016

Dear Rosie,
One year has passed since I had moved, It almost seems as this was a dream and you were just right down the road. I think sometimes of it that way to be honest, Then I realize we are about 9 hours away from each other driving, but only about an hour and 20 minutes from each other on a plane which is a good thing.
I'd take a plane to you in a heartbeat. I know we haven’t seen each other since the last time I had visited back around July 21st. The first time I had went to Warped Tour with you, I miss you like crazy. I miss my best friend, we’ve been friends for a few years now. We used to be on and off with talking but then we realized that we could be the best of friends ever, and I am so glad we talk almost every day now. I miss our inside jokes, our nicknames for each other like "Suicidal Oldman", or "Oldman", "Oldie", you were named Oldman Clevis and I was Oldman Helius.
I have no clue how I came up with such stupid silly nicknames. That is the most randomest thing ever. But we still continued to call each other that. I remember in middle school our friends would beg us to give them an Oldman name so they could be part of the Oldmen. Anyways besides the silly nickname's I miss when we would go on adventures, hikes, pool, roller skating, skiing, snowboarding, bike riding, and even metal shows. Going to see shows at Reverb, Croc Rock, and Planet Trog was always the best.
We went through a lot to just try and make it to some of the shows, being late, rushing to get last minute rides, all of it. It was all worth it though in the end because we still had the greatest time together being Suicidal Oldmen. Moshing and crowd surfing our way in the crowd. I think I remember one of the first times I went to a concert with you, was at Reverb in Reading.
I see Stars, Like Moths To Flames, and even Myka Relocate. The first time I crowd surfed was to You won't be missed by Like Moths To Flames and it was the most amazing thing ever. You encouraged me to crowd surf and I finally did. Seeing you mosh and crowd surf made me see how awesome and fun it is to just let go. If it wasn't all for you I honestly don't think I'd be into metal and bands as much as I am now, I wouldn't of even knew about all these bands. So I thank you for that. I wanna thank you for everything, for always being there for me even though we are in different states. That simply does not matter. I'd do anything for a best friend like you. I know I had said this before but I am coming back for my senior year with you, I couldn't miss it for anything. We are the oldmen, the suicidal oldmen and always will be. Nothing will ever tear us apart. I'll see you soon for next Warped Tour, July 11th.
Love, Oldman Helius.