To My Future Wife

Subject: To My Future Wife
From: LMBR
Date: 21 Jul 2015

(Love Is Love)

I just want to hold you at night. I wanna cuddle with you at night. I wanna tell you how perfect you are, and how much I love you. I wanna kiss your cheek and see you smile. I wanna watch you laugh and see you just enjoy your self. I can't even explain how i want to hold your hand and show you to the world. I want to scream to the world that you are mine.

I wanna see you wear your cute little outfits, I wanna see you do the things you love, I just want to see you live because dear lord you are perfect. I wanna see you take off your make up, Because you look so much better without make up, and you still protest. I wanna see you wear my cloths and borrow my jewelry.

I wanna see you get over excited over tiny things. I wanna see you put your heart and soul into something.

But most of all, I wanna see you say "Yes" when i ask you to marry me. I wanna see you walk down the aisle. I wanna see you take your hands in mine. I wanna see you look at our kids and smile. I wanna watch us grow old. I wanna see you complain about what the youth has now that we didn't as children.

i just wanna be there.. for everything.