To My Future Husband...

Subject: To My Future Husband...
From: Katie
Date: 8 Jun 2015

Dear Future Husband,

Well, if I marry you there is obviously something I saw in you but are you the way I will always imagine a guy?

My perfect husband (so darling listen up XD) will have my sense of humor. He will also know when I'm being sarcastic and when I'm not. This guy will be dominate but not rudely. He'll know I'm shy and not very comfortable around people I'm not extremely close too (meaning he won't pressure me into meeting his colleagues at maybe a dinner party). He'll be a bit old fashioned by open and holding the door for me upon entry and exit. He'd always open the car door for me and close it after I get in. He's hold out my coat for me to put it on. But honey, I'd never take it for granted. To many people nowadays would but if I had that, I'd do my best to be that way to you! He'd hold my hand and not my butt like most people nowadays do. When he kissed me, it wouldn't be rough, but warm and of course he's be dominate. He's call me beautiful, pretty, lovely, gorgeous, and perfect instead of sexy, hot and those types of names. He's call me names like princess, darling, love, and baby. He's overall be sweet and caring. He'd be a bit dorky when he needed to be and he's always give me his shoulder to cry on. If we got into a fight, he'd apologize first even if it wasn't his fault. He's try and show me how much he loves me each and every day, weather by telling me or showing me. He wouldn't mind my dedication to One Direction. He wouldn't tell me I'm a bad singer and encourage me to follow my dreams of singing. When we had kids, he'd ask me what I want to have. He wouldn't let me do a bunch of things for him (whilst him knowing of course). He'd understand I am waiting until marriage to have sex, and he'd respect it. Overall, he'd be perfect!

Darling, is this you? Is there something in there that I saw that reminded me of this guy? If not, why did I merry you? It wasn't for the sex, because I'm waiting until marriage. Just keep those qualities in mind okay? Thank you honey!

Katie, your future wife