To My Future First Dog

Subject: To My Future First Dog
From: Admirer
Date: 27 Oct 2015

I often imagine that moment when I open my front door from a long, hard day at work and be willfully welcomed by my stinky, furry companion. I sit here and think about how I long for a best friend who will love me if I leave my dinner out for a night (or two), who will give me kisses and hugs even though I am late for work (again), and who will comfort me if I decide to eat too much ice cream for dessert (like last night). Like many people, I dream about the day that I go pick up a sweet, snubby face - or maybe a courageous bold faced dog and bring him to his new humble abode to live his life surrounded by love and care for the rest of his (or her) days. Though I work in a vet clinic and own many pets like a house trained pig, a bearded dragon, and two cats, I have never owned a dog. I know that is strange to hear but it’s true and I get many chuckles and questionable looks when I tell other people about them. I also tell them though I plan to one day get my own dog, and we will be inseparable.
What ultimately made me decide that I wanted to write a letter to my future dog was the irony in that I deal with so many of them every day in my line of work but I have yet to own my own. I have a mental checklist of things I would like to accomplish as I get older and owning a dog is definitely one of the ones that will happen here in the near future. So, of course I am very excited about that. I often talk to my family and friends about their pets and the one I would like to own (it changes every week - right now I strongly desire a Mastiff puppy). After all, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole (Caras). ”
As you will read in my letter, I incorporate many schemes and tropes. Clearly defined by Rhetorica, a scheme and trophe will spice up any writing by changing word order or adding a new meaning on the phrases you use other than it’s intended significance. I tried to use as many as I could, in agreement with Rhetorica, because it is just plain entertaining. For example, I used the schemes: anaphora, antithesis, and parallel sentences and the tropes: metaphor, simile, and analogy.
When you read my paper I hope to create a sense of love and sweetness from the tone in my paper. I really enjoyed writing this paper with every dog I have worked with in mind, developed into this imaginary dog. You will not be able to pin-point one specific breed of dog from the images I write about but a loving picture of many different dogs at the same time; or maybe in comparison to your own sweet mut. This is to the dog owners who infinitely love their dog and to the people who, like me, already love their future dog, but most importantly, this is to my future first dog.

Dear friend,
Everywhere I go I am enveloped in a womb of jealousy as I see parents surrounding me walking their jubilant little ones down the sidewalks in their flashy leashes. I often think about how you will appear in my presence - as we will be living together for a good long while. I often think about the adventures you will take me on and the obstacles you will help me conquer. I have many plans to travel in the future, all including you right by my side.
I just haven’t met you yet.
I wonder, will you be the dog that likes to go on long walks on the beach? Will you be the spontaneous type and like to have fun? Will you love to go out but yet stay in? Are you affectionate? Well, I will be your lady if you will be my tramp.
A whimper so soft and innocent I cannot stay mad at you when you have an accident on my newly cleaned carpet; a personality so quirky I keep my phone’s video readily accessible to a slight change in my finger; and a face so sweet and innocent I can’t say no to one more treat when I have already given you way too many, I just haven’t met you yet.
You will hog all the pillows and covers then I will smile knowing that the bed you are claiming as yours is really mine. I wake up to your sweet doggy breath every morning and go to sleep smothered in your warm, soft coat every evening. I will appreciate your presence even if we sit in silence, staring off into the blue; as well as the times you tear a hole into my arm when it has been a lifetime since I came back from the grocery store. I just haven’t met you yet.
Whether you can reach the counter or not, nothing for you is up there. If you can’t resist paper, socks, or the like, I promise to keep you happy and healthy as long as I possibly can. Also for future reference, I know that person is knocking on my door but thank you for alarming me multiple times; and I know you are just ‘curious’ but the plate I will have in my lap is my food, yours will be in your bowl. Though, kisses may sway my opinion on the subject matter.
I hope you are social because you will have many brothers and sisters of various species and backgrounds waiting for you. I talk about you quite often and if you can not tell I have many plans awaiting for you when you check in at your new forever home. I thank you for everything you have already given me as I await your arrival: respect for other dogs who look out for their owners, patience, and most of all, compassion for other animals. I just haven’t met you yet.