To My Fuckboy Ex Boyfriend

Subject: To My Fuckboy Ex Boyfriend
From: With hate, your ex
Date: 20 Sep 2016

You know who you are,

I just want you to know that dating you was the biggest mistake I have ever made, no joke! You was totally my rebound and I'm not even ashamed to admit it.

You used to stare at my ass when you would walk home behind me, which was oddly enough creepy but not as creepy as me finding your Facebook, knowing it was you; but yet asking if it was you. Anyways, I thought whatever he seems cool, he's friends with my cousin so sure let's be friends.

No, no, no.

Two days later, also two days after my boyfriend dumped me, you was texting me and knew something was wrong so you
came over on your stupid little mini bike. Well, I thought hm. He seems really nice to make sure I'm okay.

But then...BOOM. You asked me if I wanted to go see the graffiti train (the known spot for hookups in my town)

I thought you'd be a good one, but boy was I wrong. Actually despite that, I still kept talking to you. So, once we were "official" for like three days I felt so shitty inside. I knew that dating you was wrong, when I should be with the one I really love. Which you eventually caught on to... and gladly we both agreed to breakup.

Alright awesome, it's all over with now? No, this is just the beginning, let me tell you.

You start spreading rumors about me telling people I'm knocked up and I don't know who my baby daddy is, you told people about my self harm issues I had, you told EVERYONE I had sex with you (which, ew, I would never do) & lastly, you literally got with my TOXIC EX BEST FRIEND the next day. Honestly, I'm kinda glad you did that because shitty people deserve other shitty people.

But still, the point is; you made my life a literal living hell because you were butthurt that I didn't want to have sex with you. And the funny thing is, you're so "loyal" with your slutty girlfriend, who has sex at public parks, but yet you're touchin' all up on other girls at school? Shit dude, get your priorities straight.

Also, it feels so great to rant about you because I've had this all bottled up for months and if I put you on blast at school, you're little lips start bitching about everything and then I have to be stuck listening to you in class whining about it all. Suck it up buttercup, you kinda put yourself in this situation.