To my father's murderer - Mr makwarela

Subject: To my father's murderer - Mr makwarela
From: Hi favorite daughter #Mmeadziboys
Date: 21 Jun 2020

Mr Makwarela today marks the 2nd Father's day without our father that you brutally murdered

Our hearts are in pain. My mother is trying to be strong for us as a family but she cries herself to sleep every single night. My father had four daughters and two boyz that today are real left without a dad all because of your actions.

We see you roaming around the streets every now and again. Because the justice system has failed us as a family and you feel that you have won. Well FYI you haven't won. My father once told us( ni songo di lifhedzela nndwa asi yanu neani mbiti dza murena tshifhinga) do not avenge for yourself. When GOD avenge for us u wont know what hit you.

My father's grandchildren keeps on asking us when will grandpa come back and with teary eyes we tell them he is always with us in our hearts. You robbed him of his life. He had plans for the next day and a day after that but because u felt that u needed to play SATAN u murdered him.

I remember as i Got into an ambulance with him fighting for his life. And the paremedics trying all they could to save him. Trying to stop the blood coming out from the hole you opened up on his head. I prayed to God and said God dont take him today plz i begged him. But because you and satanic behaviour i watched him try and catch his breath i watched him take his last breath. I wached him close his eyes for good.

I am not going to lie and say i forgive u because my heart is filled with anger. I pray everyday to God that when your time comes u must suffer 10 times more than my father did

My father was a great man loved and cherished by many. He even treated you as his son. But u repayed him by a brutal murder.

Tshivenda tshi to zi amba tshiri hulivhala mubayi mubayiwa halivhali. Ni songo di hangwisa khole nari ro hangwa uri no ri vhulayela khotsi. Ro to lindela mbiti dza murena dzi chi ni vhonisa vhutungu he khotsianga vha vhupfa.

Everytime when i c my fathers picture or go to his grave i always say ambulance asongovha na mulalo vhuchiloni hawe hothe muya wavho cotsianga kha u mutambudze uya nga husafheli.

Today is Father's day and ur kids probably told u or had something special prepared for you. But here i am locked up in my room cried out all my tears because you killed my special man. And for that i will never ever forgive you. Oh i pray that the Good God avenge for us soon because i do not c anything being done by the Justice system.

My father is now no more to speak for himself. I will speak for him. He was murdered and the justice system decided to make money out of his brutal death by giving his murderer bail. Well i am not suprised this is the SA that we all live in. Its been 1year 6 months yet he is still out. No wonder why we have ppl being killed left and right like chickens its because the justice system fails them.