To my Ex's future partner

Subject: To my Ex's future partner
From: A Previous Love
Date: 13 Sep 2017


Weird isn't it? Why would you want to read a letter from your current partner's ex? Do you have to read all the things we've done before you? All the memories and promises that we made together and hoped for them to be true? Listen, I'm not bitter at my ex anymore, it took me awhile to finally move on from that relationship. I'm not going to lie, I still love him, but in a friendly way. A way where I want to see the best for him and only see him happy. So listen to what I have to say to you.

He was my first love. A high school love. Dated right after we got out from the doors and into the first year of college. It wasn't a love at first sight thing for me. It took time for me to realise I really did love him. He felt like my other half, someone who I can lean on, and I went through a lot, dealing with a university major switch to taking on leadership roles in high up places. Every time I was with him, he was the new breath of fresh air filling up my lungs. His smile lit up a room and his charismatic personality was such an attraction. I was so blessed that he chose me as well. He never failed to put a smile on my face.

I thought I was going to live out the "First Love Becomes Last Love" scenario.

I was too hopeful.

Things changed. Both of us began to change. And I didn't want to admit it, but we were drifting farther apart near the end. I felt isolated and I wondered why he began avoiding me.

That's when we had the talk.

He broke up with me.
There was nothing there.
My first love became a memory.
I was heartbroken.

I don't remember what happened the next few days. I thought I was going to be fine when my friends tried to comfort me. However every time I was left alone, my thoughts took over my entire being. How could he have been so happy and with someone else so quickly while I was a mess? Did he understand what he had done to me? Did he understand how he made me feel replaceable?

Three months. That's how long it took. Maybe. I think I feel fine now. I don't really feel bitter anymore. But maybe I'll be back to how I was when I finally start anew. New city, new place, new people. I'll forget it all eventually.

So in total, that would be nine months. Hopefully.

But I want you to know, he's an amazing guy. His heart is so perfect, it is filled with love that you cannot imagine. When he wants to succeed, he'll go for it without anything stopping him. He sees the future so easily and that is his end goal. When he loves, he loves deeply. He never sugarcoats anything. It's all straight-forward with him. I hope you know that when you have his love, treasure it. It feels so beautiful to be loved by him.

But he's fragile I'm not going to lie. His past still haunts him and I remember him venting to me how he'll get through. I always told him that making things right now will help you emotionally in the future. He's lazy as well. But it's a funny kind of lazy. All you have to do is just push him and he eventually does it. When he's serious, it's his way of making sure people understand him and take him as an adult, not a child. So don't be afraid when he seems cold to you, he's trying to make sure he gets his point across.

Please promise me something. That you'll always love him and even more than I could ever offer up. Take care of him for me. We don't talk as much anymore, our close friendship is currently broken. I had hoped one day we could fix that, but it looks like it would not be beneficial at all. Cherish him, because you have in your arms one amazing lover. I was just fortunate enough to receive that love for awhile.

With all my love for the two of you