To My EX husband

Subject: To My EX husband
From: To good for you
Date: 18 Apr 2017

I was so strong before you,
I was so independent before you,
I was so happy before you,
I was so me before you.
I should have seen the signs earlier on, but i was young and i wanted something so bad, that something i still have no idea to what it is.
We were happy some of the time but looking back at it now the happy times sure don't outweigh the bad/sad times.
Why we got married I will truly never know, I can not get my head around it as to why i went a head and planned a bloody wedding when you had never actually got down on one knee and proposed to me.. Why was you just handing me a ring enough?
Because i loved you, more than my own life it's self.. Yes we had ups and downs but we both worked some dam long hours, well i fort you did...
For so many years you told me i was just crazy, i needed to get help! And i did, for depression not for being crazy like you told me daily.. But yet nothing changed with you, the signs were still there, the signs where there when i was pregnant too... But yet i stayed because i loved you..
I knew you cheated on me, (even if you say you never did) texting, sending photos, talking about meeting up and daily phone calls is a form of fucking cheating!!
almost 8 fucking years you did this to me, 8 bloody years of working away from home, doing "long" hours to busy to phone the kids, all along you had more than two woman on the go at any given time! But yet still to this day you tell me i'm crazy?! Yea crazy for staying, crazy for taking you back and crazy for thinking it was because of me...
I let you bring me down for far to long, this is the end of it..
NO more.. Never again will i be there for you
You have hit, lied and cheated on me one to many times..
Some day people will see you for what you really are!