To My Ex and His Wife

Subject: To My Ex and His Wife
From: Trying to Start A New Life
Date: 3 Jun 2017

Dear Ex,
I know I walked into a trap, willingly, with you and your wife. I accepted the conditions of this relationship. However, I realized that I wasn't: A) That Desperate; and B) the type of person to live a life of polyamory. However, what I never thought you'd do, is rape me. You knew when I said I wanted time off from the physical side, what it meant. And you hated not being able to have a "choice," between me and your WIFE. You "understood," and still wanted to be "friends." I continued to hang out with you two, as "friends," or so I thought. I never would have thought, that two years later, when my new husband wanted to try a unique move for him, that I would cry uncontrollably during intimacy. When he grabbed me and turned me that particular way, I cried, and shook, and scared him, and made him feel bad. Which made me feel worse. I didn't turn you in, I simply walked away. Why? Because your wife needed you, and she was a victim, too. One day, I look forward to being the adventurous wife my husband deserves. Right now, I'm going to pour me a drink.