My deceased husbands ex wife

Subject: My deceased husbands ex wife
From: The widow
Date: 7 Jul 2017

I am truly amazed, I really am.
You are an expert at turning smart, strong and loving people into a pile of shit. Congratulations give yourself a pat on the back.
You Are a narcissist, it's a medical term for a mental illness, another name for "asshole"

You did this my husband. Most of his adult life was miserable because of you. You stole from him, black mailed him, used his children against him, brainwashed them to hate met. Then when he was dying you felt entitled to see him. He hated you. You ruined his life. You took everything he loves away. I think he held so much emotion in that it caused his early demise. Now finally he is dead and you can no longer kil his soul anymore. You can't break his spirit. He is free of you. You acted so sad when he died. What a crock of shit. You just wanted the attention on you. He said you ruined his life. And you did. You have no soul, no heart. You can keep going around telling everyone how much you miss him, but he died to get away from you.

You are empty inside, hollow. You do not know how to care for anyone but yourself. You fill your life with lies, pain, misery and fantasy. You leave a trail of destruction everywhere you go. The only emotions you feel are hatred, jealousy, selfishness, anger, vengeance and fear. It's true.

Sometime early in your life you decided to become a fake human being. Would you put your heart away and replaced it with a cold hard stone.
In order to feed your empty dirty soul, you must steal from other people you come across. You steal their love, confidence, and strength, in order for you to survive and thrive. You pick your victims very carefully. You choose someone with an open heart, a giving nature, and who love others unconditionally. Someone who easily loves and trust. You know that it will be easy to get them tho love and trust you, by lying and pretending that you love in return.
Once you get this poor soul at your mercy, you suck them dry, you take, take, take, and demand they give, give give. They are by nature givers, you are by nature a taker. You take everything from them. Then you drain them if everything, until there is nothing left but an empty shell.

Then you throw them away, and bask in your fake glory. Without a trace of remorse, you are already in search of your next unsuspecting victim.
Your narcissistic self will never admit what I am saying is true. But it is so true. You know it. But you will continue to play the victim, because it's never you, your perfect, your never at fault. It's always someone else who is wronging you.

My heart breaks for you, because you are broken in every wag a human being can be broken, you will never know what love and giving is. You only know fear, and it's that fear that keeps you driven to continue to cause pain and suffering to everyone who has ever been kind to you.
I am not broken like you, so I am able to forgive and move on.
My hope for you, is that one day you are able to find a way to experience the tiniest bit of joy, that you do not want, but so desperately need