To my catechist

Subject: To my catechist
From: the one POC in your class
Date: 8 Nov 2016

Okay, real talk here. I'm sure you're a very nice person. But stop looking at me every time the racial wealth gap is mentioned. Seriously. Because when you look at me, the rest of the class looks at me, and I hate that. The racial wage gap doesn't even affect me or my family. Both of my parents are in well paying jobs. It's the gender wage gap that affects me, and, well, that hasn't come up yet. If it did, at least not everyone in the entire room would be looking specifically at me. I'm not an exotic beauty from foreign lands, ok? I'm a second gen half-Pinoy girl who's never even left America. No, I dont say prayers in other languages, and if I'm speaking another language around you it probably means that I'm cussing you out for being racist.

Actually, there's a second person I'd like to address. That one lady who helps with debate. Yeah, you. Just because two Asian girls are working together and one is really quiet, YOU DONT GET TO SAY "Oh don't worry, you can take notes in whatever language you want." We know we can. And we will do it in English, because we were both born here. Like, seriously, the hospital I was born at is 20 minutes away.

So fuck off. Both of you, or learn something about people of color and their cultures so you can stop making micro-aggressions every 30 seconds. Thank you.

Oh, and PS: every time you refer to asian people as "oriental" I want to punch you in the jaw. Just FYI.