To My Boyfriends Ex-Wife, thank you.

Subject: To My Boyfriends Ex-Wife, thank you.
From: Anonymous
Date: 21 Feb 2019

Thank You,

-for breaking his heart into 1 million pieces.
-for cheating, and lying.
-for using him, and pretending to love him.
-for throwing him away.
-for moving on as quickly as you did and having him deal with the result of your betrayal.

Because of you, someone now has to heal him, and deal with his broken heart. The man I met months ago, will never be the man he was when he met you. Everyday that passes, he is struck with laughter he once had, but saddened with the thought of what he was once put through it, and if it would happen again. Trust issues are a real thing, but together we are working on them as a part of the healing process.

Thank you for doing all of these things in the course of your time with him. Although you may not have been as happy with him, it sent a damaged man into my arms. It has given me a reason to send a text, and tell him good morning, just to put a smile on his face. It has taken him months to get where we both are comfortable around one another, to talk about the true damage you have done to him. It has taken a lot of patience on both his and my end, but we together are making progress. He may not be 100 percent healed, but with a little bit of love and attention he will be as close to it if not that once again.

So again, thank you for damaging him, and letting me be the woman to heal this man.