To My Boyfriend’s Ex-Fiancé

Subject: To My Boyfriend’s Ex-Fiancé
From: Your Ex-Fiancé’s New Girlfriend
Date: 2 Sep 2019

First, I want you to know that I hate you. Not because you had the title of fiancé, but because of what you did to my boyfriend and his parents. He loved you and was going to give you the world and you took advantage of that. You had no appreciation of anything he and his family did for you. They bought you a car, his parents let you and him stay at their home rent free. You manipulated my boyfriend, you pushed people out of his life and you never once felt any remorse about it.

You hurt him and there are times when we are together doing things that I can see the damage that you did to him. He’s getting better though and is happier without you in his life. The fact you had the audacity though to do what you did makes my stomach turn. The fact you went to the degree you did when he didn’t want you back makes me want to yell at you and ask you what you were thinking when you did that. To this day, I can’t even see the logic behind it.

I’ve never met you, and I’ll never forgive you, but you know what? You lose. I’m the one who makes him happy. I’m the one he says “I love you” to before he goes to sleep at night and when he wakes up in the morning. I’m his number one supporter and I’m the one who gets to see him succeed. I tell him how proud of him I am (something you failed to do). I hope and pray everyday that I can keep doing this because I love him very much (more than you ever did).

Your Ex-Fiancé’s New Girlfriend