to msnbc &cnn Hosts&correspondents

Subject: to msnbc &cnn Hosts&correspondents
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 19 Jan 2019


Sometimes you msnbc&cnn stinks for always showing Donald Trump's tweets basically giving more attention than he deserves .His tweets at times is lies soneone insulting particular when he insulting blacks .I just taking a wild guess that his tweets is shown for getting more audiences to watch your shows ratings!The one thing I give some of you msnbc &cnn hosts does is to fact check his claims whether it's the economy foreign affairs topics or popularity with the american people.Some of you msnbc &cnn perhaps show his tweets either you get a kick out of it making fun or some of you are a amuse with in other words you perhaps like him not as a person but,you thinks he's funny as a entertainer! I personally don't like his tweets shown bragging about how he turn around the economy for blacks or how popular he is with blacks in which it's full of nonsense from a piece of s***who done nothing for blacks but only insults going back to his days as a realtor !So any of you msnbc&cnn support that scum then your're just like him!