To Mrs. What’s-Her-Face

Subject: To Mrs. What’s-Her-Face
From: The Hurting Child
Date: 16 Feb 2018

You don’t understand what feelings are. You love to bring the good people down. Every time someone tells you about their life, you just skip over it. You think it’s all about you. What kind of mentor are you? Apparently the innocent people need to learn what thoughtfulness is, but I’m sorry you do. You stress the good people out and they get sick, yet you can walk the sidewalk looking at them and giving them the dirtiest look. You don’t ask if they are okay. You assume things. We wish you could change what you do and how you work, but only you can. But please just listen to me for once! You don’t know who I am and I’m trying to tell you. It’s not all about you Mrs. What’s-your-face! My brother passed away when I was young. He was my person and it went over your head. My brother stayed alive after he got shot though and I explained that to you. You told me that doesn’t give me the right. Then why do I have FREEDOM OF SPEECH?!?! You can’t judge a person for what they wear or what has happened to them. You’re an adult.... start acting like one. You’re also one of the biggest harassers I know. Many people feel this way towards you. You got rid of the one thing I had left to communicate with my brother.... I sent messages everyday to him. You said it’s not right for what I did and my heart just broke. I walked out of your office sobbing from anger and sadness. You hurt me. You talked bad and you think you’re a hero. You’re so evil. Someone stopped me and gave me a huge hug and that’s how I know that you messed me up and you brought me down. I was vulnerable, but that person talked to me and that warm hug felt so good. No one likes you and I just hope Karma gets you good.