Mr Fahour, Auspost is failing under your watch

Subject: Mr Fahour, Auspost is failing under your watch
From: A customer of Auspost
Date: 26 Jan 2016
An Unknown Error Occurred when trying to access Safe Drop

Dear Mr Fahour,

I am using an Open Letter as you do appear to be very elusive and difficult to contact; mildly surprising as most CEO's employ folk to receive communications from people, filter out the noise and pass on the important stuff.

I am writing because it seems obvious that you are not wholly aware of what is happening at the coalface of Australia Post. It is not working.

Here's Two examples.

I received an email saying I would be receiving a parcel today. In that email was a button the purported to allow me to define a Safe Drop and to not need a signature. I clicked the button and logged in. However, I then got a 'An Unknown Error Occurred'. Oh Dear - especially as I've reported that error a couple of times now and know NO-ONE who it has worked for.

Digital Mailbox. When an end-user uses this, subscribed companies get a GUID that uniquely identifies the user. However, that GUID does not contain any built-in error checking; if a mistake occurs when someone enters the GUID (or when it is passed from Application to Application) it is impossible to catch that error. Credit Card numbers have error checking. Even the humble Tax File Number has a simple error check. That sir, is a ticking time-bomb with detonation being headlines on Current Affair.

These issues may appear trivial. But they indicate deeper and more fundamental issues. I hope these words don't become an epitaph for Auspost and your attempts to get it into the 21st Century and profitable.