To the most fascinating girl in the world

Subject: To the most fascinating girl in the world
From: Your Mama
Date: 3 Jun 2017

If your like me, you see these open letters online and they either do one of 2 things. Laugh or cry. And sometimes you come across one that really makes you feel what the writer is saying. I hope this is that type of letter for you, my daughter.
On the day you were born I looked at you and thought "That is the prettiest little girl I've ever seen!" And do you know how sometimes when you know something, you just know? Well, I just knew you were gonna be something special. Even as a baby you had this personality that just wouldn't quit. You were so soft and sweet and people used to long to hold you. I saw you turn some of the hardest people I knew to mush.
Then you starated to grow. Every year you got older that feeling of certainty that you were going to do great things just grew. You went from a beautiful little baby to a challenging toddler. Then from am awkward middle schooler to a blossoming teenager. You grew both inwardly and outward. Before my eyes you turned into this beautiful young woman that I am proud to call my daughter and friend.
Now, as adulthood is approaching and your future iso an open book waiting for you to write, I want you to know one thing. You have turned out to be that something special that I always knew you would be. Your kind, compassionate, level headed and smart as a whip! I know that you are prepared for whatever comes your way. And if ever in doubt, know that I'm always just waiting on your call to help guide the way. All my love, Mama.