Miscarriage of Justice

Subject: Miscarriage of Justice
From: Stan Welsh
Date: 12 Apr 2015

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The English Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) hid vital Exhibits that would of given me a defence at my Crown Court trial in August 2010
I have the missing evidence now
Missing Exhibits.

•No Crime First Account statements from victim & her best friend

•Best friend not called to give evidence as her statement tied in with missing first account of victim & CPS called her a hostile witness to make it easy for the Jury, replacing her evidence with "editing" & propensity?

•Social Services Report that could only assist the defence.

•My victim was also taking antidepressants, she mentioned this only in her victim impact statements after trial? This kind of information is relevant and was asked for before trial by counsel CPS hid this also or laziness thought it not needed her medication is called Citalopram take a look at the side effects on the link below Thanks to wikipedia.This should of been also disclosed to the defence ?

Article 6.1 of the ECHR act that says if the Police / CPS withhold relevant evidence from the defense this is not a fair process? The ECHR cannot order the English courts to have a re-trial or say a conviction is unsafe? Only the CCRC have the authority to do this?

All I want is a re-trial with the missing exhibits that the CPS hid from my legal team. This would also allow me to call the missing eye-witness victims best friend
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