Meeting of the Soul

Subject: Meeting of the Soul
From: LoveWithoutLimit
Date: 26 Oct 2015

Stefan Dearest,

All I want you to do is to listen,take time to read. I won’t bother you for long.This ist the last! I believe in this life no words should be left unsaid, no work should be left undone and no negative/ ill feelings should linger to destroy our very soul.That gratitude should prevail over disappointment no matter how small. And that you will still believe that love and attraction requires no logic and apology.

My opinion of you never change,I do still believe that you are a wonderful guy not even your horny ways can't change that. During our short chat, I notice more the Stefan who is down to earth, supportive and very considerate. You never made me feel that I am inferior to what you can and what you have. That count most and that makes you endearing to me. I wanted to hate you for your stubborness, but I set that aside.Coz everytime I looked at your photos,I could see sadness in your eyes, a hurt soul looking for love and companionship,it left me no choice but to understand where you‘re coming from. You are still the best Tutor I’ve encountered so far, the most intelligent and the most real. I even showed your picture to my ex husband and cousin (yes I am this transparent) I am more than anything else grateful for the time you invested teaching me german. I practise gratefulness and it’s my credo coz not many people do.

In this life many take for granted the small, wonderful and beautiful things that happen everywhere. I wanted to set myself apart. I can see more beyond the virtual world, that in a place like this my heart,my mind connects to you in some ways. And things like this doesn’t happen all the time.It’s Magical.

The expressive in me says, the next time you travel again, do not blink an eye.You might miss things again and again. Open your eyes really wider as much as you can.That „One „ might be right there without you knowing it for a long time.That said, I am not saying you have to grab every chinese girl and black hair women during your work travel. Just Smile!

And lastly,I am still convincing you to read Robert Betz book, it’s not only for women believe me.You will learn a lot from that book. Then also consider „The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down“ really good. And it might be a novel but „The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry „ is something to ponder about life. I read the book Alex Adventure in Numberland because you said it’s interesting and your damn right!

Pass auf dich auf Stefan!

Hugs ;)