The Man Who's Feelings Are Minimal

Subject: The Man Who's Feelings Are Minimal
From: The Woman You're Hurting, But Could Care Less
Date: 21 Feb 2016

The funny thing is you reached out to me first. Knowing my situation, Knowing things would be difficult. But, you didn't seem to care and you were new, fun, mysterious. So, I took a chance on you. I'm not so sure if now that was a lesson or a blessing.

You don't text, or call unless you're drunk or need a bootycall. Which is what we agreed upon so I'm not even mad about that. I'm not even necessarily mad at all honestly. But, what gets to me.. What really gets to me is that you claim to have no attachment.

How can you sit there and tell me you have no feelings towards me. I'm not saying that you should be in love, because I'm not in love and I don't love you. I do however like you. I like you because you're a good person, I like our conversations, I like your attitude about certain things, I like that when I'm with you there's never a dull moment, and that I can learn things from you.

But, you don't like me. You call me first 95% of the time, but you don't like me. You get mad when I talk to a guy you don't know. But, you don't like me. You go out of your way to say things about other women, or not talking to me, or threatening to leave. But, you don't like me. You watch me cry, because of how badly you treat me. But, you don't like me. You constantly ask who's texting me, but you don't like me. You go through my phone, but you don't like me. You get mad that I don't go to all of your baseball games, but you don't like me. If I don't respond to your text I get double texts or you come knock on my door, but you don't answer mine, and if I double text I'm too attached.

I just don't understand how you can continue to tell me you don't feel anything? When all the signs say you do? Why do you tell me you could care less about me, but when I stepped in to break up a fight you were right there making me move. After the fact, you told me that if I would have gotten hit you would have killed someone. But you don't like me.

You want to know what I think? I think you're a coward. You're too afraid to get hurt so you pretend to be unattached. I think you need to love yourself. I think that everything happens for a reason. You're both a lesson and a blessing for me, I'm just hoping I can do the same for you. ♥️