To the man who will forever hold my heart

Subject: To the man who will forever hold my heart
From: ALL of Her
Date: 1 Mar 2016

Fifteen years ago was the day I first saw you standing there. That was day I lost my heart to you and didn’t even know it. Full of life and energy you looked at me and I felt like my world was complete. Every heart break I had, you were able to pick me up and put it back together. I became your world, letting me fly beyond the clouds and live amongst the stars. Why don’t you want to be there with me? Why do you feel you need to stay on the ground? Can’t you see what you can be up here with me?
My heart can never belong to anyone else. You were my first love and my forever love. When I left she broke you down. She made you feel like you could never be amazing, but my sweet man you are amazing. She stole the light inside you my love, but you are the only one who can get it back. Just as much as you believe in my dreams I believe in yours. I can’t be your only dream. I miss the man who felt he could do anything. The man who taught me to go for what I wanted no matter what anyone said. Who cared what anyone thought because you’d always be there to catch me. Do you not believe I would catch you? It was you and me against the world.
Now I have to let my heart break, shatter into a million pieces to make you find your light. I would give my world if it meant that the man I fell in love with so long ago would come back to me burning so bright. I wish you could see what I see. The passion and brilliance you have when standing in that kitchen. The meticulousness and the way you move. It’s something I could watch all day. The creative drive you have with each dish amazes me. Why don’t you see what I see? Why don’t you believe that this is what you need to do? Don’t you think you could have it all? Why do you insist on failure before anything begins? All I want for you is to stop standing behind me and stand with me, to follow our dreams together side by side.
I now struggle with my own happiness and have nothing left to give to anyone else. I can feel myself go numb and I won’t let you save me. I can’t be strong anymore; I need to let you go to find myself again, the woman you see, just as I need you to find that man that I see.
Don’t let anyone keep you from finding your true passion in this life. Try and try again, you can fail over and over, but it will only lead you to where you need to be. In the end I will be standing there waiting for you to show you what it is like to fly beyond the clouds and live amongst the stars where I always knew you were meant to be.

With forever love, I’ll be seeing you.