To the man who showed me life through a different frame

Subject: To the man who showed me life through a different frame
From: La Turka
Date: 29 Jun 2017

It is so sweet to think of you. The person who saved my life.

I miss you so much these days, it hurts.

After resisting looking at your photographs, I allowed myself to take a sweet peek at your profile just so I can see that your sweet presence that represents you.

I sit here, after days of deeply feeling you and reminiscing how your skin felt in my hands. How sweet your smile and those deep set mystery filled eyes looked me. How familiar you were always to me.

Everything about you was so magical to me. I felt you in a way I have not felt any body. Your skin was like something so familiar to me - as if it was a part of me before I even met you. There was nothing romantic about how we met, it was a body meeting a body again after such a long time. For whatever reason fate brought us together, it was not to own each other, but to experience our hidden selves.

You read into me like no other. You addressed my desires in every authentic way to me and just the way I wanted it. You read that in me. I miss that so much. What is even more mysterious, I did not have to tell you or even hint at it, you knew what I needed, and you gently gave it to me. You awakened parts of my my soul in ways I had longed for my entire existence.

As selfish as it sounds, I don’t miss being with you, I just miss you. I miss to look at you and sit with you. And to just miss you.

I miss you.

You allowed me to be myself in every single aspect possible. You did not force it out of me. You allowed it and you watched it happen. And then, you did not judge me for it. I expressed myself in ways to you that was just so natural for me to do.

I miss you.

What is even further more beautiful, you left me so much more enriched than you found me. I felt I let you go the same. This only made our story more meaningful and fulfilling.

I saw so much of my old self in you yet in more beautiful ways. Your presence, your way of being, your words, your quiet and observant and calm and collected identity empowered me and attracted me to you so naturally.

You soothed me in ways that were not invasive. You allowed me to be. You allowed me to be me. I allowed myself to be me with you.

I cared for you in ways I never cared for another. Your well being is so important to me. Your growth, your health, your strength.

I cry tonight for the loss of such a beautiful experience yet I fully accept what was and what is. But it still hurts. It is a beautiful pain. A longing which will linger with a sugary rim. Every time I secretly smile, I think of you.

Forever grateful for your your experience. I will wait for you in another lifetime. See you then. Until then, may the universe enrich you and bring your dreams to life and may life never dim your flame.