to the man who is moving away

Subject: to the man who is moving away
Date: 20 Apr 2020

I woke up this morning hoping that yesterday was a bad dream. I keep replaying your words in my head, the words that you are moving away for a new job. I could feel a ton of bricks hit my chest as those words escaped your mouth. I could feel the tears coming, but I held it together because I did not want it to be real.

For the last eight months, I have had a crush on you. You are this super cute, mysterious, nerdy guy who always knew how to make me smile, who knew how to make me laugh, and who I felt really comfortable with.

I know we're just friends, I know you told me that you did not want to be in a serious relationship and I respect that. I understand and now I know why.

I wish I wasn't so attached to you. I am proud of you for pursuing your goals, dreams, and I know you will do impactful work. It just breaks my heart that you won't be a drive away, it hurts that I won't get to see your face at work, or that I can't make plans for us to have dinner together at that restaurant we've both been dying to try.

I hope that someday our paths meet again.