To the man I met once

Subject: To the man I met once
From: Your fellow aeroplane passenger
Date: 27 Oct 2015

You will never read this but I met you on a plane last year.You were twice my age and I had had a crap holiday.
I had the most enjoyable three hours talking to you. You were funny, sexy and interesting with a lovely Scottish accent. I added you to Facebook and seen you had a family so left it there but before I knew this I really felt something that hasn't left me. I am not sure if you felt something or if you remember me but we got on very well. I will never see you again but I have never liked a man as much as I liked you and though less frequently I still think of you. I wish that you were single when we met because I would have made my move but I hope you are happy.I hope life sends me someone just like you.