malcolm brogdon is right

Subject: malcolm brogdon is right
From: ink0r (a resident of milwaukee)
Date: 8 Mar 2019

malcolm brogdon is absolutely right when he says milwaukee is the most segregated city hes experienced (madison only recently overtook us and they dont have an nba team). how we fix this is another matter. the roots go deep. redlining has been going on since the 70s, and still manifests in the irrational and bigoted attitudes that residents of the suburbs of milwaukee adopt. i dont think that this is a problem that can be solved simply by good will. i think it requires a few things.
1) the milwaukee metro area needs to be consolidated. annex all suburbs.
2) the school districts must be unified so there are no more racial disparities 2a) this means no more magnet schools
3) the cycle of poverty will never be broken while workers arent able to excercise control over their workplaces. to this end, intracity councils should be set up to both provide for employment and supervise the management of existing buisnesses.