The Major Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete at Home

Subject: The Major Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete at Home
Date: 8 Dec 2020

In modern homes, the use of exposed aggregate concrete is very popular. For those looking for a decorative surface, this one is the right pick for you. This wonderful ornamented exposed aggregate concrete is mostly used in sidewalks, driveways and patios. To give the floor more texture and create an extraordinary effect, pleasing to the eyes, people opt for it. This is the most happening concept stays for long because of its durability and long life. The unique grey floor can beautify your home, and take a look to a few more notches high.

There are varied decorative styles available in the market; the homeowner should choose accordingly to complement their home décor. To get the desired effect, you need to choose wisely. The final category of exposed aggregate concrete should match your taste and budget. However, exposed aggregate concrete doesn’t require as many additional tools and materials as other types of decorative techniques do. It has a number of benefits that makes it a perfect choice for your home. Here, we will discuss why you should purchase the exposed aggregate concrete for the surfaces of your home.

The Core Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete at Home:

• Highly Durable: if you are getting a constriction done at your place, then it must be durable and long-lasting, and exposed aggregate concrete offers durability. Some prefer opting for a grey surface, whereas others prefer a black surface that will last for years. It is also weather-resistant if you fear harsh winters in Australia. You need not worry as this surface can resist any dire temperature. It can conveniently help tackle bad weather during the scorching heat in summer and the powerful rain in the rainy season. It will save your money from getting wasted.

• Versatile and Aesthetic in Appearance: It is one of the most versatile surfaces you can think off. Mostly because the upper layer of the aggregate can vary in design and styles. You can get these aggregates in different colours, shape, and size to suit your need. It has a great aesthetic appearance; you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. Many people choose to incorporate polished chunks of glass, giving the concrete an added dimension of brightness. You can customize the pattern and design for a bold or subtle effect to create a beautiful texture.

• Low- Maintenance: Some of the regular concrete needs more attention. However, exposed aggregate concrete differs from standard concrete in this aspect. You don’t have to spend much on maintaining it. Occasional cleaning of the surface with water is good enough. If you seal the concrete, it will keep the surface look sparkling for a longer time. You can reseal the concrete, every three to five years to preserve the condition of the concrete and glossy for a longer stretch of time.

• Improves Traction: The installation of the exposed aggregate concrete is exactly the same as the standard concrete is laid, with no difference. Contractors use water and nylon-bristled brushes to remove part of the cement from the surface. No matter how wet the surface, the aggregate concrete holds the natural texture that offers more traction. The size and shape of the aggregate materials are altered by contractors to optimize the traction.


To accentuate the beauty of the floors of your house and greater durability of the surface, exposed aggregate concrete is a good choice. Hire a professional with adequate knowledge and skills in installing the concrete to avoid any damage and easy installation. They are best to pour, expose, wash and seal a concrete surface.