Love for Putin and Russia

Subject: Love for Putin and Russia
From: Brittany Walen
Date: 29 Jun 2017

Amidst all this negative propaganda on Russia, there is a man whom I cannot help but to think about, Vladimir Putin. The President of The Russian Federation walks on a fine line between 'what is best for Russia?' but also 'just because it is ideal for Russia, will there be any negative consequences?' when making potentially crucial decisions. These decisions could not only decide Russia's fate but also the fate of the entire world.
For those in the media and others who constantly demonize him, if you were to be completely honest, wouldn't you be proud to have him as your President?
He is the epitome of an ideal leader. Highly disciplined - look how he handled Obama's horrible Foreign Policy maneuvers. Intelligent, calm and witty (great sense of humor) - these are important traits to one who needs to work under pressure and react quickly. You don't see him endorsing ISIS(or other terrorists)and trying to start proxy wars with the US. Putin is a man who exhibits many other great qualities like bravery and courage. Brave in having beliefs with the courage to stand by them. Inevitably this shows just how strong, devoted and incredibly patient Vladimir Putin is. He is always protecting Russia (including Crimea) from the wrath of the psychotic western colleagues.
This man has been diplomatic and just when dealing with the west. Avoiding WW3 at all costs even when it seemed inevitable. Standing for the traditional family values, the fight against terrorism, and overall fighting for Russia. Putin could be described as “A force to be reckoned with who refuses to back down”. He stands tall, fights for what he knows is right regardless of western imperialistic tactics.
Many people have courage and strength in their convictions. But how many people have stood up to the ultimate bully, a superpower, with 1200 military bases all around the world? When his courageous behavior could bring him (and Russia) into conflict with the United States, how many other world leaders would have stuck to their principles and refused defeat? I can't think of any. In fact without Putin, there would be no BRICS alignment. The alliances that Russia has forged have been in thanks to Vladimir Putin's rational, respectable, and understanding outlook. He values sovereignty.
I want Vladimir Putin to know that, in my heart, no matter what happens in the future, he will always have a special place. As an adult woman, living in the US, he has earned my respect, loyalty, and love - all because of everything I mentioned above as well the fact that he is incredibly handsome. Thank You President Putin for all that you do and continue to do as a President.
All my love,
Brittany Walen