Long Distance Friendship

Subject: Long Distance Friendship
Date: 10 Jun 2015

I'm bothered and a bit hurt seeing those posts that your other friends tagged you, because the photos and posts that I tagged you were nowhere to be found. It might be technical but why can't I see even just one.

It also hurts to be "seenzoned" and "inboxzoned". Yes I know you are busy living your life, but we made a promise that however busy we are we wouldn't forget about communication. With those messages I sent you didn't even say hi, you just left it unopened.

Yes, the thought of seeing you after a long time excites me, but when that time comes excitement was overpowered by awkwardness. It seem there's an invisible wall between us.

Despite our differences I'm still hoping that we could patch things up and update the stuff that stand still...

For now I'm not sure what our status is, if its "best friend", "friend" or an "old friend".