To a liar.

Subject: To a liar.
Date: 29 Jul 2016

This letter is to a boy, not a man...a boy.

This is to the boy who told me I was the only one he wanted. The boy who always told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world and that he could never be attracted to anyone else. To the boy who told me that the girl he cheated on me with was a dumpy, unattractive friend like a brother.

This is to you.

You, the liar. The liar who told me that all my past relationships were manipulative and gross and that you would never be like that...but you were. Always telling me subtly what not to wear, how not to look and how not to act when around others.
I couldn't have fun without you asking me questions of who, what, where, why...but when I did the same, I was just being invasive and jealous.

You, the liar, who told me that you loved me two days before you told me you were sleeping with another woman. The very woman you said that you never had feelings for and never would.

This is to you.

You the boy who wasn't even manly enough to tell me why. To give me any reason as to why you decided that I wasn't good enough any more.

I told you when we last talked that I hope you're happy. That you have a good life without me. Guess I lied, though it only seems fair.

I hope you never find happiness. I hope that woman realises what a manipulative, controlling, lying, conceited, jealous, hurtful monster you can be.

I hope you realise that your decisions were selfish and that you will never be a man again, because a real man would at least have the decency to tell the woman they claimed to love why they decided to use them and throw them away.

You always told me that God would never forgive you for your life and that you wouldn't expect him with that in mind.

Go to hell.