A letter to the person I made my home.

Subject: A letter to the person I made my home.
From: A very broken Melody
Date: 6 Jun 2017

People always warn not to make a person your home. I didn't listen; you were perfect. You listened to everything I needed you to, you said the words that made it all go away and you protected me. See the thing is, you were the only person who I let see the broken side of me. And you still accepted me. You were the person to pull the words from my throat when I was choking and suffocating on them. You were the one that talked me away from the blade when I couldn't stop myself. You saved me over and over. You were the person I needed, you were my truest friend. The only person I could trust. You know me better than anyone else in this world. You knew... but you stopped stopping me. You knew... but you still left... and that kills me more than anything else. You opened me up in a way that closed me off to anyone else... and now I'm all alone. When you know o need you the most...