A Letter To The One I Hold In My Heart, But Not In My Arms.

Subject: A Letter To The One I Hold In My Heart, But Not In My Arms.
Date: 22 Apr 2016
I wanted to start off letting you know that you’re amazing and I’m so proud of the person you have become in the past three years I have known you. I wanted to tell you that no matter what happens, you’re the person I fall asleep with on my mind and wake up hoping to see the day ahead. I don’t want you to think I was unhappy, I don’t want you to think I regret the long night of being wrapped up in your arms. Most importantly, I don’t want you to ever think I didn’t love you. That’s all I ever did. Maybe it was the wrong time or we were just not meant to be together, but I know deep inside that any time I see old pictures, it takes me back to the time when you met my family; the “rich side" as you called it. The time at the fair when I thought we were meant to be forever. I remember the good memories and I remember the bad. I remember everything you have ever said to me, the plans we had together. I remember the promises. You truly are my best friend. I remember the day you asked me out and I remember the months of us drifting apart. I think it’s time to get things off my chest. I want you to thank you for always having my back even know I was wrong. Helping me shape the person I have become today. Teaching me how to respect myself and to love myself on the bad days. Most importantly being such a big part of my life and my heart. The relationship might of not of been perfect, We had our fights and we had our long meaningful conversations, but in the end of the day, you were the love of my life. You’re the one who broke my heart. If the day comes where you found yourself looking at another girl the way you use to look at me then I want you happy. I want you to love her the way I loved you. I want you to not be afraid of fucking up because the one who is meant to love you will always forgive and forget, despite the situation you may be in. I want you to remember the times we had when you’re missing me, so you can revisit my favourite memories. I loved you with every inch of me. Since I can’t hold you in my arms, I will forever hold you in my heart. Xoxo Love; The One Who Loved You Deeply.