A letter to my wife

Subject: A letter to my wife
From: Your devoted husband
Date: 21 Nov 2017

I see you.
I watch you with our children and I see how much you love them. I see the way they love you in return. Your love is un-conditional and beautiful and I am in awe of you. I have felt your love, in your kiss, your touch, and the things you do.
I see you...

I see you.
When no-one is watching I see your pain. I see it in your eyes I hear it in your laugh when you say "oh its nothing" but it's not nothing. I know just the slight bits of the things you have shared. I know there's more, much more, more than you think I can bear. Yet you bear it...you bear it in silence. Many who suffered as you have expressed feeling worthless or wondering how someone could love them...and act out in self destructive ways not even knowing why.
I see you

I see you
Past my own pain at the hurt you have caused. Past the loathing for the act...to the cause behind it, and understanding that some of the blame is mine because, I SAW YOU...and did nothing. Hoping you would find your way through your pain and feelings with a few encouraging words and the suggestion of therapy.
I see you

I forgive you
I forgive you for everything for the blame isnt yours alone. It's mine as well and to move forward I have to forgive you and ask to be forgiven. I hadnt done that till now.
Please forgive me forgive my blind eye, forgive my weak non-confrontational benign emotional neglect. I was scared to push for fear I would push you away.
Forgive me

I see you
Wallowing in guilt. Frozen with fear. Afraid of me not being able to get past what you've done, We CAN get past it! It will be hard, it will hurt like hell. But you are stronger than you think. I've seen it when momma bear comes out! I've seen it when one of your guys at the home is mistreated! I've seen it when someone tries to do to your family things you have had to endure!

I Love You
The path ahead will be long, YOU said to me therapy isn't a magic fix, No it's not...BUT it's the first step on a long road, and I will be at your side every step of the way. That's what marriage is, that's what I'm here for. To carry you when you can't and to catch up when you run ahead. And you will run! You will FLY! AND