A letter to the man who helped create my baby by left before he ever met him

Subject: A letter to the man who helped create my baby by left before he ever met him
From: The momma who tries her hardest
Date: 15 Sep 2016

To the man that walked away,
I have for so long thought about contacting you again, but every time I have gotten close to it one thought goes through my head; you chose to walk away. First I do feel it necessary to tell you thank you because you have given me my son, a beautiful son that I would give everything and do anything for but, that is the only gratitude or even slightly good feeling I have toward you.
I next want you to know that with every part of my being I hate you and not only as man but a person in general I am so mad at you for leaving not just me but him too, he did nothing to deserve to be left without a dad and you didn't care about anyone else except yourself I don't care that our relationship was over you didn't have to walk away from him. The thing that makes me even angrier about it is that you have your daughter every weekend yet you act as though you don't even know your son exists, and to be fair you may not know that he is in fact a he because you walked away before we even knew that but you know that you have another child and the fact that you don't care just makes me furious, how can you sleep at night?
The final thing that I want to say to you is that I am scared for the day my son asked me what happened because I am terrified that he is going to blame me for you not being there and is going to want to know you and then be left heart broken when he finds out that you are not a good person and then I will be left to pick up the pieces that are left behind.