A Letter To The Boy That Left Me Alone and Pregnant

Subject: A Letter To The Boy That Left Me Alone and Pregnant
From: You're Ex and your baby.
Date: 24 Apr 2016
Our story was typical. We met through snap-chat and we took a chance and met. At the senior night basketball game at my school. You were from a small Missouri town 20 minutes away. You were exactly who you said you were and I was so excited! You were so sweet and proper. I couldn't be more excited. Everything that night left me thinking of how lucky I was to get this kind of fairy tale. You kissed me at the end of the night. I remember thinking "holy crap" that's how I've always wanted to be kissed. I could of stood there in the parking lot and kissed you all night. But I don't think our parents would have liked that very much. So when I was driving home all I could think about was how much I liked you. We later made plans to meet up again. Only this time. I met your parents and and your little sister. I fell in love with them. From what you said, they loved me too. That was Feb. 26th, 2016. We made it official that night in your basement. I was the luckiest and happiest I could have been. I told you my story. You told me yours. It felt like we had come from different cultures. You were the type that was born on Saturday and in church on Sunday. You're family raised you believing that you must base everything on your love for Christ. I admired that. I was the type that my parents were dating when they had me. Although they married a few weeks later, that was opposite of what you were raised to be like. But we made it work. I loved that. I loved that even though there was 45 miles between us, you never failed to let me know I was appreciated. You built me up. Just to fail me. Like I'm use to. March 11th, we made love. I was simply romantic. It was the first time I drove to see you. My parents had really started taking a liking to you. So it came to no surprise that they let me come see you. We went to dinner had a good conversation and then left to move on to the next part of our evening. We didn't know what it was. But we were soon to figure it out. We always did fun thing together. So when you leaned into kiss me. Of course the butterflies fluttered. I laughed and you did too. You looked me in the eyes and told me that you were ready. You were a virgin and I wasn't. Of course you asked if I wanted to and of course, I was happy to oblige. So you drove me out to one of your families pastures and everything went down. We laughed, kissed, and simply just had a good time. It was a time when things were simple. I still smile to this day thinking of the time when things were good. March 26th, I was so happy that we had made it to celebrate our One Month. You were too! We drove 30 miles south, to the town of which you will be attending college in the fall, to a nice Italian restaurant and then to a movie. Enjoyed ourselves. It was so fun just to spend time with you and talking. I loved it. April 2nd, One week after spend a month together, my heart shattered. I went to see you and we again made great love. Little did I know you had other plans. We went to a party of which you ignored me the entire time. Your friends all talked to me. But I didn't get the time of day. It hurt a little. But I didn't let it bother me that much. We didn't stay long. I had to get home and you wanted to get back to the party. Let's go back to the part where we were at your house. I told you that the most attractive thing about you was how much you reminded me of my father. Most people would take that as a compliment. But not you. You took it as "I Love You". You didn't love me. I didn't see it at that moment. But I was also blind-sighted. Now, back to the drive home. On April 23rd, I had a wedding to attend and you were supposed to go with me. I asked you if you were still going to go with me. You said no. I was confused from that moment on. We were almost back to my car and I thought everything was okay. We get back to my car and you told me that it was over. You said it was too much and that you couldn't love me after a month and 6 days of dating. I was broken hearted. I wanted to just wanted to be home. I was crying the entire way home. Let me add, I still was greiving from the passing of my grandmother on March 6th, of which he attended the funeral with me. It hurt a lot.. But he was there to help me from getting down. Anyways, I didn't think I could ever be happy again. I was truly happy. We never told each other that we loved each other but it's like we just knew. Now here we are, little over 6 weeks ago, we first had sex and we were happy. Now I am alone, pregnant with your baby. You told me when I told you that I was a liar and just trying to get you back was a wrong. You wanted me take a test in front of you. So I did, you were furious. You told me that it wasn't yours and that I probably slept with all of the high school since we broke up. But I hadn't even talked to anyone since we broke up. You told me I couldn't get him on a child support agreement and that he wouldn't be in the babies life. That hurt the most.. I had to do this on my own and I am scared. You later agreed on seeing the baby once a month with no strings attached. I didn't want that. I told you that you wouldn't be in the life of my child at all. I am pro-life so I carrying this baby all the way. It's not going to be easy but I can do it with the support system behind me. Just know, that I think I loved you. I thought I would hate you. But you are giving me the greatest blessing in my entire life. I couldn't hate you if I tried. I am thankful for you. Sincerely, You're ex and Edith Michelle or Andrew McKinly