Less of an open letter, more of an ode...perhaps a trend setter

Subject: Less of an open letter, more of an ode...perhaps a trend setter
From: Myra Nahum,
Date: 12 May 2018

Well, hello there, the century that we live in is one such where old school of thought is looked down upon. With timeless tide we are losing ourselves, the immaculate intricacies that being humane held. There is much lost, contradicting all thats ever been found, and that counts in on Love too. And today, i want all those who are keen to fall in love, those who have been helplessly smitten by one sided love, those who have had their hearts whipped out, and last but not the least all the non believers out there... I want all of ya'll to know that regardless of your storyline, screenplay, or the number of takes you do for the sake of a single shot, you will find the purpose of your life, your very own happily ever after, even though u may not always feel merry and hyped, love is in the air. Its not just about prince charming and his gorgeous princess, its about that sly glance you stole, its about that blush you bore, its about all the times you have made yourself look stupid, its about all thats beyond comprehension or inquisition...its not merely brewing ballads. Its about finding your solace... Finding your calm niche in chaos, chasing away curses with charms, of all, cajoling and chiming in on the cues...here's to Nahum, the man that chose to caress my heart over being macho. Ladies and gentleman its not everyday that u find a person fearlessly overcome all possible inhibitions and breaking stereotypes, and when love comes along in one such package you better not bid farewell.

P.S. to all those wondering about the deed that won over me, its akin to that lovelorn memory you have had stacked up in the labyrinth of your brain, that had been playing in flashes all this while as you read this open letter of mine.

Lots of love...

Signing off,
The half in your name.