to Julie (pam)

Subject: to Julie (pam)
From: H
Date: 28 Apr 2018

Feels like the end. A journey that started in a pile of shit, and would have ended right at the start, if it wasn't for you. You could have left me there broken, but you never abandoned me. Even after all i did to you. I don 't know anyone else who would have done that for me. Thank you for being there. And for caring more about me, than i was able to care about myself. If i don 't know why i loved you then, i know why i adore you now.
I regret ever wanting to take more from you than you were willing to give, and for not being able to see how wrong i was. since i woke up all i hoped for, was that you could see me as more than than my worst. I doubt you ever did. And i understand the measures you took, including the occasional mind fucks, to keep me at a safe distance. I 'm sorry i made it so difficult for you.
I 'm going to feel your absence for awhile, but i 'm ok now, and you can go. Feel free to drop by and share the road with me anytime you want. I will always be there.