To the judgers

Subject: To the judgers
Date: 22 Feb 2017

Dear Reader,

Now if you are the reader I wish to speak to, then you have a very specific outlook on life and how you feel things and activities should be gone about. Concepts, that people easily relate and respond to may become social norms, and they in turn become an instruction booklet to some in a sense, a foundation to build judgement and expectations on. If you are who I expect you to be, you should mostly align with this, for it will impact your day to day decisions and mannerisms. I say this for I am exactly as I have described, but after reading the novel Women in White, I have done much self-reflecting upon my day to day life. For example, I’m a big person when it comes to first impressions. They affect the way I view anything. I still go back to my impressions of friends from kindergarten and have comparisons to the way they are now. And this have both positive and negative impacts when I comes to options and choices I have to make or understand. Some of these positive outcomes include a type of self-protection from a potential bad encounter and/or experiences that might affect me, but at the same time this is bad because it stunts you from having varied experiences and from learning more about those incidences. Also having these predetermined thoughts can stop progression or flow of new ideas, such as with the political parties. People were interviewed on their perspective and association with prices, how people associate with political parties, based on their views and impact towards them, for they align with a party that shares their views and will push for only those goals. I want this letter to achieve the understandings of all whom read it that life is too short for you to go about it with too much planned ahead or denied. Basically I want people to not judge and be open to everyone, life is too short for you to go about it with too much planned ahead or denied. This novel is a testament to the time of its day, and now due to its relations to judgement and stereotypes that impact our lives and the lives of others.