Subject: Josh
From: someone who loves you
Date: 15 Jan 2019

I want nothing more than to be with you. I would be the emotionally safe person you so very much need and I would never ask you to give up things about yourself you love and value just to please me better. I would just love you. I would listen to you, feel the hurt and loss you've experienced right along with you, heal with you, encourage you, respect you and make love to you. Yes, you read that right, I would make wonderful unapologetic passionate love to you, with you, for you, etc...I would share myself completely with you becaue I know you would be my safe haven as well. I would take pleasure in seeing you perform in your element. I am not threatened to let you shine. I would make efforts to travel with you during long work weeks so that you would have someone to have dinner with in the evenings and someone to kiss goodnight and good morning. I promise to never make saying goodbye in those mornings easy because you would want to stay just 5 more minutes. I would laugh at your jokes and would never humiliate or demean. I would be willing to try new experiences, foods, love making ideas, travel, etc... But I would also be willing to pay the bills with you, juggle jobs, my kids, responsibilities, aging parents, health, and life's curveballs and struggles. I want to sit and read books with you, watch crappy tv, drink margaritas, make dinners, listen to music, shower with, cry with, grieve with, talk about the good, bad, indifferent, relevant and irrelevant, make plans, practice yoga and prayer, decorate our place, share creative ideas and insights, meet your friends, make new friends, etc... I would build the most beautiful and meaningful life with you. And all you have to do is speak it into existance. All you have to do is say, " K-, I want you too."